Programming the MoonBot

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Programming on Android App

With the MU Bot Android APP

You can download the MU Bot App from Google Drive or Tencent App Market
Note: iOS app is not currently available for MoonBot.

Once you connect to the MoonBot via WIFI as you do in the Remote Control Mode, go back to the mode selection page and enter "Programming"

Programming on PC and Mac

with the Mixly block based programming IDE
Mixly UI.png

Mixly for MoonBot is available in Windows, Mac, and Linux

  • Simply donwload the latest version and extract the contect from the zip file. You will need Java to run the IDE.
  • On Windows and Mac, You will also need to download and install the USB driver.
  • With Mixly, you connect to MoonBot through included USB cable to program the directly the Arduino compatible processor.
  • For programming details please read our documents here.

Note: once you program the MoonBot via Mixly, you will overwrite the default remote control firmware on MoonBot. You can always follow the instructions of the next section to restore the default firmware.

Restore the Default Firmware on MoonBot

With the included Arduino IDE
If you use Mixly or Arduino to program MoonBot, you will overwrite the default remote control firmware on the MoonBot. But don't worry, you can restore the default remote control firmware by following this guide: