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MoonBot Lessons (English)

MoonBot Lessons is a set of online courses that you can follow on your own. Signup here MoonBot Subscription Service


Here is the list of available lessons. (Click the lessons with a link to get a preview)

  1. How to make MoonBot move
  2. MoonBot's main controller
  3. How to control the servos on MoonBot
  4. Get started with the vision sensor module
  5. The Infra-Red sensor module
  6. Add expression with the eye module
  7. The Touch Module and Buttons
  8. Making noise with the speaker module and buzzer
  9. How to make your MoonBot go straight
  10. From MoonRover to Automatic Bulldozer
  11. Following People with MoonRover
  12. MoonRover Traffic System
  13. The Dancing MoonBot
  14. MoonBot LEGO extension
  15. Create your own Greeting Robot I
  16. Create your own Greeting Robot II
  17. Advanced Usage of the Speaker Module
  18. Introducing the MoonMech
  19. Make your MoonMech Pickup a ball
  20. MoonMech the Basketball Player
  21. Stacking Blocks with MoonMech
  22. Advanced Sensing in MoonBot
  23. From Mixly to Arduino
  24. 3D printing & the MoonBot

For group purchase please contact for bulk download of the lesson materials.