MU Vision Sensor 3 FAQ

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1. Where can I found documents and code samples?
MU Open Source Repository is the place where you can find all the code available for MoonBot and MU Vision Sensor. There are documents and driver code for Ardiuno, Micro:bit and micro-python platforms.

2. What algorithms are available in the MU Vision Sensor 3?
The current firmware supports the recognition of color, card patterns (shapes, traffic signs, and numbers), and also supports the detection of people, balls (orange ping-pong ball and tennis ball).

3. What card patterns can the MU Vision Sensor recognize?
MU Vision Sensor 3 can recognize 3 groups of patterns: the traffic signs, the shapes, and the numbers. The entire collection of patterns can be printed using this PDF file

4. Does MU Vision Sensor supports face recognition?
We are working on a small scale face-recognition algorithm. However, we proceed along this path with caution to balance between algorithm performance and privacy concerns.

5. Where can I buy the MU Vision Sensor 3?
You can order the MU Vision Sensor 3 from the morpx online store.