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Online Resources for the MoonBot Kit

Building Instructions

The MoonBot Kit can be build into 3 official robot forms with different difficulty levels. Please select the first robot to build based on your skill level
MoonBot levels.jpg

Download the building manuals from here: MoonRover, MoonBot, MoonMech, MoonRover Extended

Building videos on YouTube: MoonRover, MoonBot, MoonMech, MoonBot Scorpion


  • MoonBot is a precise robotic instrument and one should not twist its servos when powered on to avoid being damaged.
  • Always double check your cable connections before powering on to avoid accidental or unexpected movement.

Controlling MoonBot from Android

You can use our MUBot App to program and control the MoonBot you just build.
MUBot App can be downloaded from Google Drive.

Watch this Youtube Video to connect and control your MoonBot.

Running the Demo Program

There is a pre-loaded program in the MoonBot controller for you to test if everyting is working. The program will recognize the "Traffic sign cards" and move based on the card instructions. It will run on all three official robot forms.

To run the demo program, follow these steps:

  1. Turn the power button on.
  2. Press the "A" button on the Main Controller. The vision sensor should start blinking red lights.
    A button.jpg
  3. Take a traffic card and show it to the vision sensor. The LED should blink blue when it detects the card.
  4. The robot will move based on the card's sign (Forward, Left Turn, Right Turn, U Turn, P-Stop).

Programming MoonBot using Mixly

Please refer to Programming the MoonBot for more details.