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Join us to see what the future can be!

MoonBot Kit -- the Introductory Kit for Autonomous AI.

MoonBot is our award-winning robot kit that teaches kids (8+) the major concepts in Autonomous AI. It is (and will always be) focusing on the non-violent applications of the robotic technology.

Note: The MoonBot section is undergoing constant updates, please come back regularly for new contents about our MoonBot.

  1. Get Started with the MoonBot Kit
  2. Program your MoonBot
  3. Basketball Playing and other Advanced Projects
  4. Learn to co-exist with AI using MoonBot


  1. Earn Reward $$$ for Your MoonBot Creations
  2. MoonBot Support and FAQ -- Find support, source code, or answers to frequently asked questions
  3. Where to buy MoonBot?
  4. 60 seconds robotics with Dr. Yu series

MU Vision Sensor 3 -- the vision sensor that powers the AI in our MoonBot


  1. What a Vision Sensor Can Do for Your Products
  2. Get Started with MU Vision Sensor 3
  3. MU Vision Sensor 3 Support and FAQ

MU SpaceBot -- a robot designing kit to get young kids thinking about robotics


  1. How to Let Kids Design Their First Robots
  2. MU SpaceBot Support and FAQ